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Efekt Smaller-size category.Convenient for a 2-floor surrounding development. Suitable for a flat or slightly declining building site. Its habitable space satisfies a family of 6 members. The habitable attic serves as the night part of the house, the day part is situated on the ground floor.

Recommended adjustments Available in reverse floor plan. Add an attached garage or a carport to the side of the house. Add a basement.

Numar de persoane 6
Camere locuibile 5
Suprafata construita 85.30 mp
Panta acoperisului 30.00 o
Suprafata utila total 130.10 mp
Suprafata locuibila total 77.20 mp
Inaltimea coamei acoperisului de la ±0,0 6.90 m
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