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Star 2

Star 2 Smaller-size category. Convenient for a 2-floor surrounding development. Suitable for a flat or slightly declining building site. The night part of the house is situated on the upper floor. Large open space downstairs. Modern architectural design.

Recommended adjustments:
- available in reverse floor plan;
- add a carport to the side of the house;
- add a basement (full or partial).

Numar de persoane 4-5
Camere locuibile 4
Suprafata construita 80.40 mp
Panta acoperisului 43.00 o
Suprafata utila total 115.40 mp
Suprafata locuibila total 85.10 mp
Inaltimea coamei acoperisului de la ±0,0 7.30 m
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